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Treatments for Osteoarthritis

Eight years ago, I tore the meniscus in my left knee while squatting down to dust the furniture in my living room. Initially, I assumed the pain would subside in a few days. Unfortunately, the pain, and swelling, only got worse over time. So, I underwent surgery to remove the part of my meniscus that was torn. Unfortunately, I’ve developed osteoarthritis in this knee during the years since my surgery. I’ve tried several home treatments to relieve my symptoms. Sadly, none of them have worked. Because I miss my active lifestyle, I’m considering making an appointment with an orthopedist. On this blog, you will discover the latest trends in osteoarthritis treatment.

Can Orthotics Help With Hip Injuries?

31 October 2022
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If you have a hip injury, you might be looking at every possible option to address your pain. Orthotics are among the many options available to you. But can they help with hip injuries? Orthotics are devices that are worn on the body to improve joint alignment or relieve pain. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be used to treat many different types of pain. Read More …

3 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Establish A Relationship With An IME

19 July 2022
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Independent medical examinations (IMEs) are a core part of any personal injury case. If your law firm frequently works as defense counsel in these cases, then you've probably used numerous independent medical examiners in the past. IMEs are critical to receiving clear and unbiased information about a plaintiff's condition and are necessary for any thorough defense. While there are likely to be many doctors working as independent medical examiners in any given area, it can be beneficial to establish a long-term working relationship with one instead of frequently switching between providers. Read More …

How Heel Pain Symptoms Differ Between Plantar Fasciitis And A Stress Fracture

17 February 2022
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Heel pain is a common condition that has a variety of causes. Some types of heel pain, such as plantar fasciitis, are very common, while others, such as a heel stress fracture aren't as common. When you have heel pain, it may be difficult for you to decide if you need to see a doctor and what could be wrong. Here's how to tell the difference between plantar fasciitis and a stress fracture and when you should see a heel pain doctor. Read More …