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Eight years ago, I tore the meniscus in my left knee while squatting down to dust the furniture in my living room. Initially, I assumed the pain would subside in a few days. Unfortunately, the pain, and swelling, only got worse over time. So, I underwent surgery to remove the part of my meniscus that was torn. Unfortunately, I’ve developed osteoarthritis in this knee during the years since my surgery. I’ve tried several home treatments to relieve my symptoms. Sadly, none of them have worked. Because I miss my active lifestyle, I’m considering making an appointment with an orthopedist. On this blog, you will discover the latest trends in osteoarthritis treatment.

Why Shoulder Replacement Surgery May Be Necessary For Pitchers With Shoulder Arthritis

31 May 2018
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Baseball pitchers often suffer from a variety of shoulder problems due to the nature of their career. However, few problems will be as debilitating as shoulder arthritis. When it occurs, the pitcher may require shoulder replacement in order to stay active. Pitchers Are Prone To Shoulder Problems The repetitive nature of pitching, paired with the extreme speeds they achieve with their throws, can cause a variety of serious shoulder problems that are hard to manage. Read More …