Seven Types Of Case Where Independent Medical Evaluations Can Be Beneficial

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Seven Types Of Case Where Independent Medical Evaluations Can Be Beneficial

23 June 2021
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Independent medical evaluations are essential in resolving a wide variety of legal disputes. It's important to recognize scenarios that require an independent medical evaluation to successfully pursue legal and financial claims. 

The following are seven types of cases where independent medical evaluations can be beneficial. 

Liability injury cases

Independent medical evaluations can be important in liability injury cases. If a property owner is sued for an injury that takes place on his or her property, an independent medical evaluation can be used to gather information about the injury and form an unbiased opinion regarding the cause of the injury. 

Personal injury cases

In a personal injury case such as an auto accident case, an independent medical evaluation can determine the extent of any resulting injuries. These evaluations can link an injury or physical symptoms to a particular accident or prove that the injuries were unrelated. 

Occupational hazard cases

Legal cases often arise as the result of occupational hazards. Independent medical evaluations can be especially useful in occupational hazard cases because they can show that a particular work environment or work task increases a staff member's likelihood of developing a particular type of injury. 

Malpractice or negligence cases

An independent medical evaluation is often an important source of evidence in a case involving alleged errors of healthcare personnel. These evaluations can be used in malpractice cases or cases involving negligence claims against healthcare institutions such as nursing homes. 

Workmen's compensation cases

In workmen's compensation cases, the plaintiff needs to prove that an injury or illness is the result of workplace conditions. Independent medical evaluations can show how a workplace accident has impacted a plaintiff's health. 

Independent medical evaluations can help employees to acquire reparations or reimbursement for medical bills they have incurred as a result of their employment. 

Disability cases

Those filing disability claims with the Social Security Administration need to demonstrate that they suffer from an impairment that prevents them from working and that this impairment can be expected to last into the future.

Independent medical evaluations can attest to the severity of such an impairment and the impairment's interference with abilities needed to complete job tasks. 

Environmental hazard cases 

A case involving environmental hazards could be the result of air pollution issues or toxic waste exposure. In this case, an independent medical evaluation can document an injury resulting from exposure. The evaluation then also needs to link the injury to its environmental cause. 

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